Combine the power of SMS and email through the new integration of Retention Science (ReSci) into your Voyage SMS segment builder.


As part of our ongoing efforts to further optimize your SMS campaigns through smarter and more incisive segmentation and delivery, Voyage SMS has added ReSci to our integrations. You’ll be able to access all your ReSci campaigns in the Voyage SMS segment builder with this new integration.

Create custom SMS campaign segments based on whether subscribers received, opened, or clicked specific email campaigns with this feature.

Benefits of integrating with ReSci

The Voyage SMS ReSci integration will allow you to:

  • Connect with ReSci to import email campaign data and create customized segments (such as who opened emails at separate stages of a drip campaign)
  • Send SMS campaigns to these customized segments
  • Send SMS campaigns to subscribers that have/have not interacted with specific email campaigns

As you continue to build omni-channel solutions for your eCommerce goals through Voyage SMS integrations, it’s important to remember that the effectiveness of your segmentation data can depend on the thoroughness of your identity matching.

For example, to utilize this integration with ReSci, be sure to think about how you can successfully gather and pair a customer’s email and phone number data. This way, you can best leverage the high-CTR of SMS eCommerce campaigns for your brand.

Setting up ReSci Integration

To take advantage of this powerful integration between SMS and email campaigns, head over to the Integrations section of our platform. Find “Retention Science” in our list of partners, and enter your API token.

For more information, check out our Help Center.

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